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Authored by Jessica Kennedy, the Marketing Chihuahua. Jessica writes text for the websites of small businesses and charities, and provides coaching in blogging and social media. She really enjoys helping people and organisations express themselves fluently online, in painless and practical ways.

Why bother with a mailing list?  This is a question my clients ask a lot.  I don’t want to write a newsletter they say.  Newsletters are old fashioned.  Social media is the modern way. And yes!  Please do NOT write newsletters.  Newsletters ARE old fashioned.  (More on this below.)  And please […]

Why bother with a mailing list?

How to choose a great title for your blog post?  Put yourself in your readers’ shoes. When you’re scrolling through Facebook (or the New York Times), do you click every link you see? No! You click the ones that intrigue you somehow.  So, you need to intrigue your audience. Your title needs […]

How to choose a great title for your blog post

“I found working with Jessica to be very easy and straight forward. She was very focused on getting to know me, so she could help me present a unique and individual feel to my website – one that truly represented me and how I can help my future patients. She worked […]

“Great value for money”

What is content marketing?  It’s a strategy I often recommend to my clients. If you enjoy writing, and are game to invest a little regular time, it’s an economical and potentially very effective way of promoting your business online. It’s an extremely widespread strategy.  I’ll say that again. It’s an […]

What is content marketing?

Is your website secretly terrible?
If the graphic design is terrible, you’ll probably be able to tell. If the web developer has done a terrible job, and the site doesn’t work properly, you’ll pick that up. But.  What if the WORDS are terrible? Is your site actually SELLING you? A friend just asked me to […]

Is your small business website secretly terrible?

Working out how to present Inn from the Cold’s unusual offering for landlords, in a clear and appealing way, was an interesting challenge! “Jessica’s organisational ability and creativity were fundamental to the Inn from the Cold website.  She quickly grasped the concepts we were trying to articulate.   Jessica skilfully facilitated […]

“We now have a website to be proud of”

Working with Kristina to create a new website and blog for Language Impact was a lot of fun. Jessica has this amazing ability to translate my vision and long rambling text into great, clear web content, including engaging blog content that packs a punch. Her approach was perfect – firm, […]

“Amazing ability to translate my vision”

Are you slaving to create separate blog articles, newsletters, Facebook posts and tweets? Is it all feeling a bit hard work? Reaching out to your people like this, only some of them will see each of the pieces of content you’ve worked so hard to produce. And, after they (hopefully!) […]

How to reach ALL of your fans at once

  Is your website making an elementary mistake, by being all about you?  I’d say 90% of small business websites make this mistake. It’s understandable.  What is your site for, after all, except to describe what you do, who you are, and how to get in touch with you? Well, […]

Why your website should NOT be about you

Bringing the website of the Robes Project up to date was a very pleasing challenge! “Jessica was great at helping us bring the life back into our outdated charity website. She had a great overall vision for us, as well as spectacular attention to the details. She quickly grasped our […]

“Overall a pleasure to work with”

Perfect Puppies
Coaching Helen is a great example of something I really enjoy – empowering a fellow small business person to reinvent their own online presence. “Jessica is a bonefide guru!  Genuinely learned in this complex field and impressively switched on to what a small business needs to thrive. I have a […]

“Always offers the perfect guidance that really helps”

Putting Giles’ site together was such a pleasure! “Jessica has been the most enormous help both setting up my online presence and making it such an accurate representation of what I want to say. She is a good listener and has very clear vision; always finding clever ways to address […]

“Such an accurate representation of what I want to say”

Are you wondering how to set up a new blog? Whatever it is you’re passionate about – there will be people out there who would like to read about it. Enthusiasm is infectious! You’re very unlikely to be alone in your interest.  Your head is probably already full of great […]

How to set up a new blog

Gaelle Organic is my lovely step-mother’s business, and I’m not sure my dad or I are entirely objective commentators, but I had a lot of fun helping out… “Getting some input from Jessica to the family business was a great move. She suggested all kinds of engaging blog post ideas, […]

“Noticeable upward bumps in our sales”

If you’re thinking that the purpose of your website is to explain what your business does, you’re in good company.  About 90% of small business websites have this as their focus: But, your website is not an information site.  It’s not Wikipedia. Its purpose is to galvanise people into spending some […]

What is the purpose of your website?

Working with Geoffrey has been lots of fun! “Jessica has made my new business not only possible but already a great success. From a completely cold start and no other form of promotion, the website and social media campaigns that Jessica has helped me put together, and her patient help in […]

“Jessica has got me to Number One on Google”

Your goal: Using your website to INSPIRE your supporters A great charity website does not just describe your charity – it inspires your supporters. It makes your current and potential volunteers, donors, fundraisers, partner organisations and beneficiaries FEEL GOOD about engaging with your charity. It makes them WANT to get involved. To […]

How to write a great charity website

Rachel has been one of my favourite people to work with…  “I’m absolutely over the moon with the content Jessica has created for my website. She’s an excellent listener and brilliant at capturing your essence and getting your message across in a way that is accessible and attractive to the […]

“Clear and concise, it reflects me and my brand beautifully”

What does your charity’s website currently focus on? There’s a good chance that it has priorities like this: a. Explaining what the charity does b. Showing the charity’s work in a good light c. Encouraging people to get involved (donors, volunteers, etc) Speak TO your audience, instead of ABOUT your […]

8 charity websites with strong marketing messages

Some organisations don’t need to explain what they do. If you’re Mercedes, say.  Or Microsoft:   But if your brand hasn’t achieved QUITE that level of global recognition as yet, then one of the really basic things your website needs to do, is explain what you do. Sometimes, it’s obvious […]

Don’t forget to explain who you are…

Right.  You’re ready to set up a website for your company, or your new blog, or your hobby.  Exciting! Now you have to decide on your domain name – the bit between the www and the dot com – also known as the URL. Maybe the best domain name for […]

How to choose a good domain name