“Noticeable upward bumps in our sales”

Gaelle Organic is my lovely step-mother’s business, and I’m not sure my dad or I are entirely objective commentators, but I had a lot of fun helping out…

“Getting some input from Jessica to the family business was a great move.

She suggested all kinds of engaging blog post ideas, rewrote some sections of our website, revitalised our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram, and came up with interesting ideas for promotions.

Several of her ideas resulted in noticeable upward bumps in our sales.

And I’m still in love with Gaelle’s blog post ‘What fun to have a photoshoot at 69,’ a title and direction suggested by Jessica, and which our customers and Facebook fans also just loved to pieces.”

Paul Kennedy, Gaelle Organic, California

A re-energised web presence

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About Jessica Kennedy

Authored by Jessica Kennedy, the Marketing Chihuahua. Jessica writes text for the websites of small businesses and charities, and provides coaching in blogging and social media. She really enjoys helping people and organisations express themselves fluently online, in painless and practical ways.