Jessica KennedyWhat qualifies me in marketing?

It’s not a marketing degree, or years working in the marketing department of a vast company.

I have educated myself, as part of learning to run my own business.

My marketing journey

For years now I have sought out great marketing resources.  I continuously take advantage of courses, seminars and coaching, books and (of course!) the internet.  I am grateful to all kinds of fantastic teachers.

I’ve been helping friends with their marketing for more than a decade.  Helping them set up their websites.  Sharing tips and techniques that have worked for me, and helping them boost their businesses.

My Eureka moment

In 2014 I was doing a interim role as a Project Manager (as you do).  One afternoon I sat around a table with three people who had ‘Marketing’ in their job title, including a Marketing Director.

They showed me a marketing video they’d made.  We all knew that the thing they were trying to market was fantastic.  But frankly, the video was just terrible.

When it finished … after 15 interminable minutes … I took a deep breath.  I smiled and gave them a compliment.  (It’s always good to offer a feedback sandwich.)

And then I said:

“So the features of the offer were pretty prominent, but I noticed that it was five minutes before anyone mentioned a benefit?”

I saw blinks of recognition across the table.  Minds suddenly harking back to Marketing 101 courses many years before.  Oh yes!  Focus on benefits not features!

“And I’m wondering what group of people this video is intended to target?”

More blinks…

“And what action you’d like them to take after watching this video?”


“And whether adding a Call to Action might help with that?”


“And whether 15 minutes is the ideal length for a promotional video on the internet these days?”


I gave another compliment and we all smiled, and they looked a bit sheepish, and we wrapped up the meeting.

And on the way home I thought, well.  It looks like I’ve got a better grasp of how to apply marketing theory than these three people with ‘Marketing’ in their job title.


Fitting the needs of your small business

After that, I looked around at the websites of lots of small businesses.  I thought, you know what, I could help help 90% of these small business people really up their marketing game.  In ways that are totally practical and affordable.

I have learnt about marketing at the coalface of a microbusiness.  I probably have a pretty good understanding of what kind of resources you can realistically throw at marketing.

I can help you, in a way that actually works for you.  In a way that identifies the quick wins for your business.  And that fits in with your available time, budget, skills, interests and experiences.

How did I get here?

I have run my own business, worked for multinationals, worked for small businesses, and helped manage charities.  My job titles have included:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Acupuncturist
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Property Developer
  • English Teacher

And in my time I have:

  • run my own business as an acupuncturist, building up a busy practice from scratch
  • worked for PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Unilever
  • worked on the senior management team of four charities
  • lived and worked in Japan, Singapore and Virginia, and in an ashram in Amsterdam
  • graduated from Oxford University with a 2:1 in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Reading the writing on the wall

I’ve always been good with words.

An aptitude test I did at school told me I was in the top 5% of verbal abilities.  It suggested a career in advertising or journalism.

It took me another couple of decades though, to start taking my ability with words seriously…

 What can I do for you?

What do I charge?

Usually we’ll agree what I’m going to do for you up front, and I’ll quote you a fixed fee for the work, so everything’s nice and clear for your budget.

For ad hoc work, I charge AU$100 / GB£60 an hour.

Free consultation

And I’m happy to spend an hour with you at no charge, on the phone or in person, to explore how I can help.

Let’s get started!

Just get in touch.