Social media

Why bother with a mailing list?  This is a question my clients ask a lot.  I don’t want to write a newsletter they say.  Newsletters are old fashioned.  Social media is the modern way. And yes!  Please do NOT write newsletters.  Newsletters ARE old fashioned.  (More on this below.)  And please […]

Why bother with a mailing list?

What is content marketing?  It’s a strategy I often recommend to my clients. If you enjoy writing, and are game to invest a little regular time, it’s an economical and potentially very effective way of promoting your business online. It’s an extremely widespread strategy.  I’ll say that again. It’s an […]

What is content marketing?

Are you slaving to create separate blog articles, newsletters, Facebook posts and tweets? Is it all feeling a bit hard work? Reaching out to your people like this, only some of them will see each of the pieces of content you’ve worked so hard to produce. And, after they (hopefully!) […]

How to reach ALL of your fans at once

Are you wondering how to set up a new blog? Whatever it is you’re passionate about – there will be people out there who would like to read about it. Enthusiasm is infectious! You’re very unlikely to be alone in your interest.  Your head is probably already full of great […]

How to set up a new blog

Gaelle Organic is my lovely step-mother’s business, and I’m not sure my dad or I are entirely objective commentators, but I had a lot of fun helping out… “Getting some input from Jessica to the family business was a great move. She suggested all kinds of engaging blog post ideas, […]

“Noticeable upward bumps in our sales”

Working with Geoffrey has been lots of fun! “Jessica has made my new business not only possible but already a great success. From a completely cold start and no other form of promotion, the website and social media campaigns that Jessica has helped me put together, and her patient help in […]

“Jessica has got me to Number One on Google”