How to reach ALL of your fans at once

Are you slaving to create separate blog articles, newsletters, Facebook posts and tweets?

Is it all feeling a bit hard work?


Reaching out to your people like this, only some of them will see each of the pieces of content you’ve worked so hard to produce.

And, after they (hopefully!) read that bit, they may not move on to look at anything else you’ve written – your other blogs, your previous newsletter, the ‘buy now’ page of your website.

Their precious attention is likely to bounce straight out again into something else altogether.

A better way…

So, each time you go to the effort of generating a new piece of original content to share with your audience – whether it’s a photo, a video, a blog post or just a short update – make sure you give ALL your fans the chance to see it:

how to reach all of your fans at once (right)

Publish your new content ONCE, and then share the hell out of it:

  • Include it in your email newsletter.
  • Post a link to it on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Instagram, or wherever it is that your tribe hangs out.

And when you share it, if there’s any length to it at all, just share a snippet of it in those places, and include a link to your website for them to see the whole thing.

And then encourage them to hang around

Once they’re on your site, hopefully you’ll also be enticing them to read other pages of your site.

The more they engage with what your business has to say, the more they’re hopefully inching closer towards making a purchase, and becoming a beloved customer.

Not sure what to share?

Tweaking the way you’re reaching out to your audiences can make a big difference, while actually saving you time.

But of course, you need a regular stream of things to share.

Are you feeling like your business hasn’t got anything suitable?¬† Or that you wouldn’t know where to start with writing a blog?

It can definitely be hard to see the wood for the trees, but you probably have all kinds of engaging content – whether it’s photos or great ideas for blog posts – just sitting around on your hard drive, or in your head.

Your natural passion for what you’re doing, and your hard-won¬†experience of how to do it well, are just what your audience will find fascinating!

Just get in touch if you’d like some help with starting to blog, or improving your social media impact.

Jessica will be happy to help.

About Jessica Kennedy

Authored by Jessica Kennedy, the Marketing Chihuahua. Jessica writes text for the websites of small businesses and charities, and provides coaching in blogging and social media. She really enjoys helping people and organisations express themselves fluently online, in painless and practical ways.