“Overall a pleasure to work with”

Bringing the website of the Robes Project up to date was a very pleasing challenge!

“Jessica was great at helping us bring the life back into our outdated charity website.

She had a great overall vision for us, as well as spectacular attention to the details.

She quickly grasped our ethos and helped us express this through our new site.

She was quick, and responsive to our feedback throughout the whole process, and overall a pleasure to work with!”

Eszter Tarcsafalvi, Robes Project, London

Upgrading the site

Robes is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2017, working step by step to transform the lives of South London’s homeless.

Their old website had evolved throughout that time, and while it was full of great content, it had become a bit of a rabbit warren.

The first two menu items were ‘About us’ and ‘What we do’, thinking very much about the charity from the inside, rather than from the point of view of the target audience – homeless people, donors, volunteers, corporate partners, etc.

We worked together to create a new site map, focusing on the reader, bringing ‘Get involved’ and ‘Get help’ to the fore, and then rationalising and rewriting all the core pages to better connect with Robes’ audiences.

What fun!

Revitalising the blog

We also pulled lots of content out of the old site to make great new blog posts.  With the new examples to work from, and coaching on an easier but more effective communications strategy, the blog has become a lively focal point of the new site.

Getting the site working harder for the charity

Marketing principles apply just as strongly to charity websites!  Getting your site working as hard as it can is something a charity owes to its beneficiaries.

Here are some tips on writing a great charity website, and some strong examples.

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Authored by Jessica Kennedy, the Marketing Chihuahua. Jessica writes text for the websites of small businesses and charities, and provides coaching in blogging and social media. She really enjoys helping people and organisations express themselves fluently online, in painless and practical ways.