What is content marketing?  It’s a strategy I often recommend to my clients. If you enjoy writing, and are game to invest a little regular time, it’s an economical and potentially very effective way of promoting your business online. It’s an extremely widespread strategy.  I’ll say that again. It’s an […]

What is content marketing?

Working with Kristina to create a new website and blog for Language Impact was a lot of fun. Jessica has this amazing ability to translate my vision and long rambling text into great, clear web content, including engaging blog content that packs a punch. Her approach was perfect – firm, […]

“Amazing ability to translate my vision”

Bringing the website of the Robes Project up to date was a very pleasing challenge! “Jessica was great at helping us bring the life back into our outdated charity website. She had a great overall vision for us, as well as spectacular attention to the details. She quickly grasped our […]

“Overall a pleasure to work with”

Are you wondering how to set up a new blog? Whatever it is you’re passionate about – there will be people out there who would like to read about it. Enthusiasm is infectious! You’re very unlikely to be alone in your interest.  Your head is probably already full of great […]

How to set up a new blog