“Such an accurate representation of what I want to say”

Putting Giles’ site together was such a pleasure!

“Jessica has been the most enormous help both setting up my online presence and making it such an accurate representation of what I want to say.

She is a good listener and has very clear vision; always finding clever ways to address issues that would leave me totally confused.

The dynamism and creativity that that Jessica brought to my project were immensely helpful, they got me thinking out of the box and produced results in next to no time.

I would recommend Jessica’s services to anyone who wants to make their voice heard in the modern business environment.”

Giles Davies, www.gilesdavies.com, London

A new website


Using Giles’ voice



And his strong sense of style

On this rare occasion, as well as writing the text for the site, and helping Giles select the images, I also designed and built the site. I used WordPress, with the pretty Lifestyle theme.  Giles is such an aesthete, it was a pleasure to create something so lovely with him.

In general however I do leave web development (constructing the website) and graphic design (creating the visual look and feel) to the experts and can happily work with the web developer and graphic designer of your choice.

Ready to express YOURself?

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About Jessica Kennedy

Authored by Jessica Kennedy, the Marketing Chihuahua. Jessica writes text for the websites of small businesses and charities, and provides coaching in blogging and social media. She really enjoys helping people and organisations express themselves fluently online, in painless and practical ways.