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Is your website secretly terrible?
If the graphic design is terrible, you’ll probably be able to tell. If the web developer has done a terrible job, and the site doesn’t work properly, you’ll pick that up. But.  What if the WORDS are terrible? Is your site actually SELLING you? A friend just asked me to […]

Is your small business website secretly terrible?

Your goal: Using your website to INSPIRE your supporters A great charity website does not just describe your charity – it inspires your supporters. It makes your current and potential volunteers, donors, fundraisers, partner organisations and beneficiaries FEEL GOOD about engaging with your charity. It makes them WANT to get involved. To […]

How to write a great charity website

What does your charity’s website currently focus on? There’s a good chance that it has priorities like this: a. Explaining what the charity does b. Showing the charity’s work in a good light c. Encouraging people to get involved (donors, volunteers, etc) Speak TO your audience, instead of ABOUT your […]

8 charity websites with strong marketing messages